HOLY BALLS Reflection #2


I come from Peru 8 years ago, I enter Highschool 4 years ago, I become who I am right now somewhere in between now and then (haha). Making no sense what so ever yet keeping in mind an visualizing the different perspectives that I have come across through the past 18 years that I’ve been breathing, shaping the ideals and values that I possess today and still can’t be but overwhelmed by where everyone that has crossed my path. I have friends that are stepping up the plate and taking care of the responsibility of bringing in a life into this world, others that are forgetting about their issues through heavy substance abuse, others that are stressing about the most monotonous aspects of living, others that are grinding it out with hope as their fuel, others that are sedated by the feeling of love and lust, others that are making others happy by simply  breathing,others that are 6 feet under, others that are traveling or living in places one may only dream of, others that just been fortunate from the beginning and others that are fighting for fortune. However, matters not what they may be now, matters the time we spent with those people and the memories created and what we learned from our friendship that will propel us into whatever it may be that we dream.

"Dude all I’m saying  is, with the right mentality, direction and time, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to man”

Now Onward to senselessness 

Mental Abuse Reflection #1

Meant for personal growth and development. 


Infinity is just but so finite to our eyes, we’ll never be able to truly grasp the idea, yet we live with that concept controlling much of what we don’t know daily. On the other hand, we have taken, directly or indirectly, of so many beings for that very same reason, of simply not being able to understand the way another individual’s mind works. Mindless conflict. Yet we try to shape our lives to create meaning for ourselves and shape the reason of existence for next generations of humans with the hopes that humanity is able to prevail for eternity, infinity.